Sustainable Tourism at Low Costa Mill is something close to our hearts. We, Dave and Tracy Goodfellow along with our two children are delighted to welcome you to Low Costa Mill. Relocating around 250 miles north to Low Costa Mill in 2013, we purchased this amazing site and business. Our children can often be found playing out in the gardens with our guests. As resident owners, we occupy the farmhouse and are always on-hand for help and advice. Always happy to chat to ensure you make the most of your time at Low Costa Mill and in this beautiful area.

Since our arrival in 2013, many hours (and £££) have been spent refurbishing the cottages and grounds. Hundreds of litres of paint, over 25 pairs of curtains, all sorts of furniture, bathrooms, televisions, and kitchen appliances all feature on the 'indoors' list. Outside enhancements include facilities for cyclists, miles of new hedging, new play equipment and the arrival of our animals. Plus of course many “green” projects.


Sustainable tourism is important to us at Low Costa Mill. It protects the environment we live in, respects our local communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution.

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Quality In Tourism REST Gold Award which acknowledges our on-going work towards creating and maintaining a responsible, sustainable business.

Gold Sustainability Award to Low Costa Mill

A lifetime in the energy industry has rubbed off on Dave. Our resident ‘Eco Expert’ cutting down wastage & improving the carbon footprint & eco credentials of Low Costa Mill. Over 300 LED bulbs, 89 triple glazed windows, loft insulation have been put in place. The swimming pool is heated by an air-source heat pump and we keep the pool covered when not in use to retain heat. Our pride and joy is the water source heat pump for the main house, yes our house is heated by a cold river! On-site our PV system has 80-panels, producing up to 20kW of solar and 20,000 kWh per annum, about 20% of the sites energy usage is met by on-site generation. Recycling everything we can, and choosing the right products to reduce the impact are all part of running an efficient business.

We extend this ethos to the gardens, which are primarily maintained by electric tools, much quieter and more environmentally friendly. There are some very tidy areas, but also some wilder areas left for wildlife to live with plenty of bird boxes dotted around the site.

Working with students from York University last year we investigated ways to improve our sustainability. It was great to get new minds on our project, the team made some recommendations which we are investigating. Watch this space for further improvements to our green credentials.

How can you help us?

You can help us reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring lights, heating and other electrical equipment is not left on when you are out. Please use our recycling facilities where possible, we are currently looking into food waste options. Should you wish to use our laundry room then please use the quick wash and cool settings. If the weather is fine then please use the washing line to dry your laundry.

Full details on our environmental policy can be found in the footer of our website.

History of Low Costa Mill

Low Costa Mill dates back to the 17th century. History shows it has been both a flour and a cloth mill meeting the local demands of the time. The ancient ‘Costa Beck’ dates back to the 1200’s & even features in the Doomsday Book! In times gone by this played an important part, powering the working mill wheel, however now it provides a relaxing setting for our seven holiday cottages.

Low Costa Mill was a working farm until the late 1980s when it was skilfully converted by a local builder into the holiday cottages you see today. If you look closely at the photo above, taken in 1979, you can identify most of the buildings. Leat Cottage and the swimming pool were the only new buildings. The gable-end of the swimming pool, opposite Harvester and Thresher Cottages, shows the date 1989 when the pool was built. It replaced a large agricultural barn! We have many other historical photos and documents of Low Costa Mill in our office. Do come and chat with us if you are interested in the history of the site.

We hope you will enjoy your time here as much as we do!