We love where we live, looking after the environment around us to enjoy now and in the future means a lot to us here at Low Costa Mill. We believe it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural environment around us. In order for us to reduce our carbon footprint, we have implemented a programme of ongoing action to achieve this, which our guests can also be part of.

We very much want to provide our customers with a holiday of high quality whilst supporting our local community and preserving our beautiful surroundings for the enjoyment of future generations.

What we do

Low Costa Mill is committed to best practices and standards that are considered to help in the protection of our Environment and the Earth’s resources. Although not an exhaustive list, many of the things we do are listed below, we are constantly looking for ideas to improve our sustainability.

• we have LED bulbs throughout the site including larger plant room & workshop lights where possible outside lights are on timers or sensors

• we have 20kw of solar panels, excess solar is diverted to heat water and charge EVs

• our swimming pool is heated by air source heat pump

• our office and laundry are heated by a water source heat pump

• all cottage windows are triple glazed

• our cottages use thermostatically controlled heating

• we defrost fridge/freezers every changeover, and turn these off when cottages are empty

• rain water is collected via water butts for watering flower beds around our gardens

• recycling onsite for glass, cans, plastic and paper/card. Our aim is to increase the amount we recycle and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

• to minimise paper usage, we use email and telephone as much as we can.

• we print double sided where we can using ink wells rather than cartridges

• individual guest soaps are wrapped in card not plastic

• where maintenance work is not completed by onsite staff, local trades people/suppliers are used

• our cleaning cloths are washed and re-used rather than using disposable wipes, and rather than disposing of old towels they become rags for cleaning

• some of our cleaning products are diluted from concentrate, reducing plastic waste

• tourist leaflets and maps in good condition are returned to the display case in reception for reuse by other guests, otherwise recycled

• new electrical appliances are ‘A’ rated or above

• new toilets are dual flush to save water

• we use Drax / Haven Power to supply our electricity who source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources

• unopened food items left by guests are donated to the local food bank

• left property, if not claimed by guests is donated to the local charity shop

• bedroom curtains are blackout lined for their thermal qualities

• we provide guests information and advice about places to eat, drink, shop and visit locally to support our community

• literature from local attractions / restaurants / taxi companies are displayed in reception and on our website as well as regular social media links

• when we clean our cottages, we keep the part-used toilet rolls and use them in the staff toilets instead of throwing them away

Landscape, Wildlife and Environment
Low Costa Mill is a peaceful haven set in 10 acres of grounds, including gardens, ponds, a river and woodland. There is an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife on our doorstep and we do everything we can to respect, maintain and improve this beautiful environment, by planting appropriately to encourage wild flowers, wildlife, flora and fauna to thrive. Our gardens are maintained by two part time member of staff. Many of the things we do are listed below.

• we provide bird boxes, and have a large Bug Hotel in our woodland, as well as piles of sticks and logs for hibernating wildlife

• many of our shrubs have berries and seeds which attract and feed the birds

• we have plenty of flowering plants to attract bees, butterflies and other insects

• all garden waste including grass cuttings are composted.

• we planted wild flower seeds in our woodland

• we use peat-free compost in our plant pots

• we have wildlife guide books and local walking maps available for guests to borrow

• we encourage guests to observe and enjoy the wildlife

• our wildlife camera helps us show the diverse range of wildlife around our site

How Our Guests Can Help & Participate:
To help preserve our lovely environment, we all need to “do our bit”. Here are some suggestions for our guests to help

• don't print out your confirmation email - we already have your booking details

• turn off taps when brushing teeth, shaving or washing up

• use the short flush facility on toilets

• take showers not baths

• use the ECO or quick wash settings on the dishwashers and washing machines

• only boil the amount of water you need for hot drinks

• use the washing line or clothes airers to dry clothes and swimming towels

• turn heating thermostats down if you are opening a window

• turn your lights, TV and other devices off when leaving your cottage

• don't leave the fridge / freezer door open for extended periods

• please use our external recycling bins

• if you have an electric car, we offer charging - just let us know and can discuss on your arrival

• dig out those bags for life and re-use them for packed lunches or carrying swimming clothes

• try and buy just what you need for your holiday, there is a great shop in Pickering for buying smaller quantities and refilling jars

• keep it local - we love supporting our friendly local businesses, there are so many great places to eat, shop and visit nearby. Browse our tourist information area or ask us for tips and suggestions on what to do and where to go

• don’t forget to fill up your water bottle before you go out

• help protect our natural surroundings by taking your litter home with you, using footpaths and cycle ways responsibly and guarding against fire