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Welcome to our News Page, to help keep you up to date with all the news from Low Costa Mill and what’s happening around our local area. 

Its’ certainly been a very strange few months; with the amazing spring weather, the gardens looked at their best ever, just a shame there was no-one here to see them except us 4!   But a quiet few months did allow us to finish off our “winter projects” in a timely manner.

New Facilties at Low Costa Mill

This week marks our 7th anniversary of becoming the lucky owners at Low Costa Mill. As always, we have kept ourselves busy over the past year and hope you will like the improvements around our site.  Firstly, the biggest change is our shiny new bike facilities. We have four secure storage bike pods, a bike wash area and a dedicated tool kit and pump. This should help you keep your bikes in good order. And we even made a video that you can watch here. Secondly, a new riverside walk, seriously we built a whole new footpath for you to explore. And finally we built an extension to the play area to keep the children, and grown-ups happy. 

Low Costa Mill's new playpark facilties.
Low Costa Mill’s new playpark facilties.

It’s thanks to you!

We are very lucky to have a large number of “repeat guests” who come year after year. Some have been coming for over 20 years! It’s been lovely to develop our friendship with these guests, and see how their families have changed over time.  We would like to say a big Thank You to all our guests, past, present and future, it has been a pleasure meeting you and we are excitedly looking forward to the next 7 years, and a special thank you to all our guests who were unable to visit us during the lockdown for your patience with us while we re-scheduled bookings.

There’s plenty to keep you all busy during your stay at Low Costa Mill, look forward to seeing you soon

Best wishes

Dave & Tracy

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  1. We are crossing our fingers very tightly that we can come and see you for the third time in August! Very much looking forwards to it after such a difficult year.

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